What is rabies?

The disease which has the name “rabies” is the most acute viral infection which has fatal outcome. Both animals and people can catch it. Generally, all mammals can get sick.

Transmitting of the infection takes place by means of bite, scratches, through the discharged saliva. Those, who received a bite of unknown animal, should understand that he can be infected with a rabies virus, and the causative agent of the disease can be in saliva of the infected animal in ten days prior to manifestation of symptoms. Most often foxes, wolves and various type rodents from whom also pets catch become infection sources for the person.

Children are most of all subjected to animal bites, for this purpose they should be explained all danger of these contacts. Special accuracy should be observed being outdoors in case of contact with wild animals, including all types of rodents. If the animal is annoyed it is able to cause severe bites and even mutilations.

By veterinary rules all pets are subjected to registration in veterinary organization which is engaged in fight against dangerous diseases of animals, besides they should do annual free vaccination against rabies.

In case of any unclear disease of a pet especially if it is followed by the strong salivation complicated by swallowing and spasms it is necessary to apply to special service immediately. It isn’t recommended to undertake independent treatment of an animal.